The Coronavirus Scare Highlights The Failures of Communism

A few weeks ago, the attention of the world turned to Wuhan, a city in China with over 11 million citizens, when it became ground zero for a brand new disease now known as the “Coronavirus.”

In a few weeks, the Coronavirus has claimed over 250 lives and has infected over 12,000 people across the world, with the disease centered in China but spreading to at least 2 dozen more nations, including the United States, Canada, Australia and France. The coronavirus boasts a high infection rate due to the fact that the disease can spread from human to human before the infected show any sort of symptoms.

A number of nations, including the United States, have formed task forces and declared an emergency to deal with the spread of the virus, and have either limited or shut down any sort of travel to and from China until the virus can be controlled, with over 11,000 cases alone in the communist nation with a population of over 1.4 billion people.

The coronavirus is classified in the same category as SARS and MERS, and gives infected patients severe cold and flu like symptoms, including trouble breathing and potentially even kidney failure. With the disease only recently making the jump from animal to human, no cure is yet to be developed, though the CDC and WHO are researching the disease and working on prevention methods.

While Coronavirus is not the deadliest virus out there, its original location makes containment particularly difficult. Wuhan, in eastern China, is considered the “Chicago of China” and the location of a number of financial powerhouses. Most who have picked up the disease in other nations did so while traveling to Wuhan, and have been quarantined until the disease passes. Airports and even doctors offices have implemented screening methods to attempt to identify susceptibility before the disease can spread further.

While China’s significant population makes the Coronavirus difficult to control, other factors within China increase the challenge for the international community. Though China boasts the worlds largest population, they are not the largest country in the world by size, and host a number of large cities with populations clumped close together. Close proximity in any nation leads to the potential for the easier spread of any disease.

But the biggest factor in China’s struggle is its own government. The Communist People’s Republic of China has fumbled the attack on the disease from day one. For a nation that is known for monitoring all of its citizens in a police state, the world did not know about the Coronavirus until it had already begun to spread to other nations. Within a week of the disease becoming public, Chinese leader Xi Jinping admitted that China had made mistakes and that the disease was out of their control, an incredibly rare admittance of failure from the secretive nation.

The Chinese have also failed their citizens with a lack of adequate health care and poor environmental conditions. Chinese citizens already struggle with respiratory problems due to the Chinese neglecting to care for their air quality through pollution, but the Communist state also fails to provide their citizens with access to proper medical care if they were sick.

And last but not least, with China’s refusal to work with the international community and their poor reporting standards, they put vital institutions like the WHO, the CDC and European medical facilities at a significant disadvantage in information on the origins of the disease and timing to get a head start. While China appears to be cooperating now, it is difficult to contain an infectious disease that has already spread to 25 countries and has infected 12,000 people.

If you contrast the start of the disease in China to someplace in the west, whether it is the US, UK, France or Germany, there would immediately be noticeable differences. With information sharing across the west, the disease would have been placed on a number of radars early, and it would have been easier to contain the disease.

China’s communist government has placed the world at risk by being itself, a reclusive, secretive and careless government obsessed with its own power and image to the world. Communist nations do all they can to suppress the spread of any information that will make them look bad, unless the situation has gone beyond their control.

Thankfully, doctors and scientists are optimistic about the disease, and expect to be able to counter it by significant cooperation between other nations. However, the coronavirus should be a wake up call for nations like China to join the world in realizing that there are some risks that go beyond borders and politics and must be addressed immediately. If the coronavirus were similar to that of the bubonic plague that struck medieval Europe, the consequences could be even more severe.

But for now, the world, including China, will watch as brilliant democratic institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union once again protect the world from a potential danger.

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