China Must Be Held Responsible for COVID 19

In the month of March, unemployment numbers reached unprecedented numbers in the United States, with nearly 7 million Americans applying for unemployment. As I watch the news, I see NYPD officers, heroes, hold a press conference asking for help while they wear medical face masks to protect themselves from one of the worst enemies to ever hit mankind, a virus, the same virus that has killed over 1 million people worldwide and has brought the world and the economy to an absolute halt.

The truth is, it didn’t have to be this way. Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has caused so much fear due to the fact that it is highly contagious and has such prevalent symptoms such as breathing troubles. Unfortunately, only a few saw this pandemic coming, World Affairs Center wrote about this back in January, joining a short list of American experts including Senator Tom Cotton and former CIA agent Jack Posobiec who heeded warnings.

While politicians in the United States trade barbs over who was more unprepared, we take our eyes off of the biggest culprit for this tragedy, China. While the origin story of the virus remains foggy (there is a high level biological lab near Wuhan, the city where the virus was first spotted), all facts point that the virus did begin in Wuhan. Once the world did take notice of the virus, many leaders including President Trump offered to send assistance to China to help them stop the spread and learn more about the virus. But the Chinese refused help from the United States, the United Nations and other nations, and further delayed progress into stopping the virus.

Further, the Chinese took actions within their borders that harmed progress. They lied, and continue to lie, about their true statistics, with a new MI5 report indicating the Chinese continue to hide the true number of infected and dead across their nation of over 1 billion people. In order to do this, the Chinese Communist Government murders “whistleblowers” AKA anyone who would tell the world that the government is lying. They use force to keep the sick and doctors from communicating with the outside world, and has even murdered its own doctors and experts if they dare to ask for help.

The Chinese also refused to take measures to stop international spread of the virus, leaving their borders open while the virus spread to the rest of Asia, Europe and eventually the United States. New reports even indicate that the World Health Organization, the organization responsible for responding to such an outbreak, helped to cover up China’s actions and pursue a belief that “all is fine.” This is obviously not the truth.

This international pandemic and the ensuing consequences could have been prevented had the Chinese Communist Party worked with the international community and told the truth. But they did not, and our hands have become tied. Some across the world are finally realizing that China is not the good actor they once thought, and that we should not rely on them so much for vital supplies such as emergency equipment and medication. World Affairs Center wrote about this weeks ago as well, urging that Made In America is truly a national security situation.

While it is fair to blame the Chinese government, it is not fair to blame the people of China. They are victims just like the rest of us, oppressed by a dangerous government that watches and controls their every move. The Chinese Communist Party and their government led by Xi Jinping must answer both for this crisis and the terrible danger they put their citizens in every single day.

Even though our lawmakers are too afraid to go to Washington and vote on vital legislation (thank Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern in particular who rejected remote voting) the Trump Administration and our allies around the world must immediately begin to pull resources from China and increase our own independence. When this crisis is over, the international community must look at harsher responses to China’s dangerous actions.

For now, we must all come together to beat this virus. Our leaders must stop fighting each other and work for the people of this nation. Only then can we come out on top.


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