Taking A Stand: Impeach NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

I hate to take stances on US politics on this site. For the past year I have attempted to use the site to focus on international issues only, and to keep it fairly non-partisan. But in the midst of the disastrous Coronavirus crisis is a scandal so devastating I can no longer be silent.

In April of 2020, the New York Times quietly reported that the states of New York, California and New Jersey have been forcing nursing homes across their states to take in COVID-19 patients despite serious objections from the staff at the homes. In New York, Cuomo used his typical bully tactics to threaten the funding of these homes if they did not comply with his orders. Already under strain, the homes complied.

Several weeks later, several news stories broke that nursing homes had become hot spots and breeding grounds for the virus. Sick patients that came to the homes were spreading the virus rapidly to those who were already in poor health and the staff that take care of them. While this is awful itself, in New York Governor Cuomo and the State Department of Health decided to cover up the number of infected and dead in the facilities instead of being honest.

A few days ago, The Daily Caller  revealed evidence that New York State covered up the horrendous details of the nursing home scandal and quietly changed COVID regulations for the nursing homes. When asked at a press briefing today if anyone would face consequences for this, Cuomo said “No.” This is unacceptable.

While Governor Cuomo likely cannot be charged criminally, it would be a drastic mistake for the State Legislature, whom Cuomo has stripped of power since the crisis began, to allow him to remain Governor and make such deadly decisions. This hasn’t been Cuomo’s only cover up during this crisis.

Around the time of the first stimulus bill from Congress, Cuomo told the New York Congressional delegation that the state was in debt and needed funding or he would shift the Medicaid burden onto the counties. After the first round of funding, Cuomo stopped talking about the 6 billion dollar debt and instead claimed that New York State didn’t get funding to help small businesses and unemployment. So where did the stimulus money go? My guess was to cover up Cuomo’s debt and not to struggling workers.

Instead of calling Cuomo out, Congressional Democrats such as Congressman Anthony Brindisi (NY-22) blamed the Trump Administration for giving more money to states like Texas. To this day, millions in New York State remain without the unemployment assistance they requested.

New York also continues to lead the nation in Coronavirus cases, even after Cuomo’s many days of press briefings saying that he had the right approach. In the first few weeks, Cuomo was almost reassuring, afterwards, he became tiresome, now, it is clear Andrew Cuomo is clueless.

Due to these circumstances, it is clear the only way to save New York State is for the State Legislature to exercise its oversight powers and launch an immediate impeachment inquiry into its inept Governor. If the President of the United States can be impeached for an alleged quid pro quo, the Governor of one of our nations largest states can surely be impeached for covering up a number of deaths caused by incompetence.

As I write this, I understand this will not actually happen. Cuomo continues to be protected by a Democratic majority in the State Assembly and Senate, and a Congressional delegation that doesn’t seem to care that their Governor is leading their state down the drain. But this should not stop a single New Yorker from speaking out and urging change, if we unite then we can save our state from the Albany Sewer that has added to this crisis. But if we do not, we will let our fellow New Yorkers down for generations.


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